Even before I started my professional career in digital advertising, I knew how to create a product that would emotionally connect with an audience. I created the first-ever lesbian action figure (DYKEdolls) in response to underrepresentation in popular culture. Not only did I research, design, prototype, and mass produce a 12-inch flagship doll and a collection of miniature ones, but I also created the brand identity, the marketing materials, roll-out strategy (we had a big presence at NYC, LA and SF Gay Prides), and I designed and built a brand website with e-commerce integration. DYKEdolls became popular culture icons, and received worldwide media coverage from The New York Times, Elle, GQ, The Guardian, MTV, and VH1. I sold out the first year in business. I believe that advertising at its best, not only achieves all its commercial goals, but also enters the popular culture. That's exactly what I did for DYKEdolls. And I had fun doing it.

I have 20 years of experience in creating digital products/websites for some of the largest brands in the world. When I create and build interactive products I leverage my formal training in experience design with my professional experience in filmmaking and software engineering. The former gives me a model for creative work that I use to teach others and apply in a range of contexts. The latter helps me build and guide teams while still being able to meet tight and aggressive timelines. This range of experience enables me to lead a team through the lifecycle of a project, and to offer smooth and original solutions to knotty problems in a fast-paced and competitive business environment.

People outside of our industry falsely believe that once we have a creative idea, the work is done. It takes teamwork, mastery, and desire to get the work done. I have the experience to build, lead, guide and motivate teams of diverse talents. I build confidence so that my team can take risks and innovate. I recognize talent in people and know how to unleash their full potential. I guide, but I also challenge. I maintain a clear point of view to build trust among clients and executives, which affords my team more freedom to develop unconventional solutions.

I would love the opportunity to share my projects and chat more about my expertise, creative/design thinking, and leadership model. Contact me and let's make great things together.